Mspy Review

This MSpy review is of a mobile software application that has dawned a new era of mobile phone monitoring. The software is downloaded from the cell’s browser and installed to any Smartphone or tablet that is in congruence with the application’s features. After installation, the cell phone tracker is activated, and it automatically starts collecting information from the target phone and uploads it to a secure online account.

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Technological advancement has continually led to the introduction of sophisticated internet enabled phones that are encrypted with various chat message services. The availability of this range of services has made it easy for children to visit unsafe websites. However, by only installing a cell phone tracker, you can keep track of all operations in the target phone .

The Mspy app is easy to configure and set up, and it operates on various platforms such as; iPhones, Windows Phone, Android tablets as well as in iPads. It is also embedded with outstanding features.

compatible devices

Features of Software Application

· Call log monitoring

The mobile phone spy provides users with a detailed chronology of all outgoing and incoming calls. It provides you with essential information regarding the time the call was made or received, call duration, number of calls made, and the name and cell number of the caller (as long as it is saved in the device’s phonebook). The most important aspect is that the app allows you to view call logs without jailbreaking an iOS device.

· Text message track

The cell spy enables you to see any text message either received or sent by the target device. The app allows you to view full details of the messages that is its content, date and time it was sent or received, sender or recipient of the message and whether it is outgoing or incoming.

The Mspy app not only allows you to read phone text messages but also to keep track of all instant messages sent or received through the various chatting mediums such as Skype, whatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, snapchat, and Viber.

· Monitor Internet use

The Mspy app allows you to have a detailed view of all internet activities of the host’s device. These include information on the sites visited, the various bookmarks and also direct access to received or sent emails. This feature also provides you with an option to block websites that you feel are unsafe or less resourceful to the device’s owner.

In the internet monitoring section, the latest version of the app has incorporated a feature that allows you to secure accurate device coordinates using the information collected from the Wi-Fi hotspots that the phone connects to. It also provides you the opportunity to manage all wireless connections that the device can connect to from the control panel.

· GPS location tracker

Using mspy tracker, you can view the locations of the target device on a detailed map over a particular period of time and the best thing is that you can see the place even when the standard GPS signal is unavailable.

The application also provides the user with a Geo- Fencing option. This is a feature that allows you to create a virtual barrier such that when the target device gets in or out of this virtual wall, a signal in form of a notification is sent to the control panel. You can use Geo- Fencing to create safe zones and link it to your email such that when the device is getting in or out of these zones, you receive an email notification.

· Application and program control

Mspy tracker enables you to view and access recently installed applications and programs in the host’s device. You can be able to have a clear look of the installed applications, and if you perceive some of these apps to be harmful, the spy provides you an option to block them permanently.

mSpy dashboard

· Keylogger

The latest version of the software has a keylogging feature that permits you to see all keyboards strokes made on the monitored phone as well allowing you to collect any search phrases and other relevant data that will provide insights on what the target phone owner is up to.

· Remote control

It allows you to use remote control options to manage the target device. The first option in this category is the device wipeout, a command that when activated, erases the entire useful data in the target phone. If you feel that certain critical data is being compromised, you can send a prompt command to delete the entire data on the target phone. It should, however, be noted that this command is irreversible thus should only be used when there are extreme emergencies.

The second option in this category that acts as an alternative to the device wipeout is device locking. This is a feature that allows you to lock the monitored device.

· Calendar and phone book access

This is a feature that allows you to validate the whereabouts and scheduled events of the target persons through a clear view of the calendar in their phones. It also allows you to see the entire device’s phone book along with the names assigned by the device owner.

· Comprehensive reports

This allows you to keep several tabs on various devices at once and receive comprehensive reports from all of them.

· Support options

To ascertain that all of the app users receive quality support when they are faced with difficulties in using the app, a 24/7 customer support team is always eager and ready to help you.

Getting Started

Each and every one of you has at one time wished they knew who their children were talking to, either through unending calls or regular text messages, or wanted to know what your kids and employees are doing on the internet as well as which Wi-Fi hotspots they regularly access. You don’t have to worry anymore because mspy cell phone tracker has encompassed all those feature into one app and by just installing it to the target phone; you can have a detailed view of all you want to know about the target phone. You can also use the remote control in the app to delete or lock the target device in case it is stolen, or it is compromised.

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